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Feel-Well Gifts

Gift it Well is your marketplace for thought-filled gifts for patients while they are in treatment or in recovery.

Bedside Delivery and Services

We offer a range of gifts and services that will bring comfort into the hospital or home.

Each gift and service has been tailored with specific needs and medical considerations in mind.


each gift 

Personally Delivered


We don't just  "drop and go".

When you send a gift from Gift it Well, our delivery team takes the time to make sure the patient knows that this is a special delivery; as though you were delivering the gift yourself!


Customer Reviews

Please tell us about your Gift It Well experience 

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I highly recommend purchasing gifts from Gift It Well. Recently a friend of mine had surgery and all the gifts were so helpful for both recovery time in the hospital and at home. Such deep thought has gone into the variety of gifts available. Rochelle was extremely helpful in explaining the different options and why they were suited to the patients particular surgery. Thanks Rochelle!

- Yardena L