Gift it Well אודות 

מאת רושל רשנר

Putting patient comfort first is at the heart of Gift It Well’s mission and purpose. 

Having a family member or friend in the hospital is a difficult time for all involved. The patient has to deal with his or her illness or injury, as well as the disorientation of being in the hospital. 

Family and friends find themselves consumed by concern for the patient’s well-being and their immediate desire and need to be helpful and supportive. Everyone has the best of intentions but that doesn’t always translate into the best solutions. 

What’s lacking is a place that patients, family members and friends can go to access useful information, ask questions and receive answers, share their experiences and gain some direction and clarity.  

The Gift It Well platform – website, social media, blog, online services and products – is designed to accompany each of us along the treatment-recovery journey, regardless of whether we are the patient, family member or friend.        +972(0)58.574.7880     US  202.621.0375          ©2019 by Gift it Well