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When a friend or a loved one is sick, we want to DO something; we want to help, to show them we care. We send flowers or bring chocolates. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned gestures can be more hindrance than help. Despite what we see on television, flowers are usually not allowed in hospital rooms and chocolate is often a no-no for many patients.

The good news is that there are many things that you can do, or give, that will not only show you care but also bring comfort and ease to the patient, and, just as importantly, to their families and caregivers.

​Based on years of experience working with patients in hospitals, Gift It Well offers helpful advice on issues such as how to decide when, and even if, to visit someone in the hospital, when to share information about the patient with others, and the importance of giving a long-term patient structure during their treatment and recovery.  It presents practical suggestions about what you can do for patients and their families and caregivers, as well as a community forum where you can hear from other people in similar situations and share your own questions, concerns and experiences.

Because the people behind Gift It Well understand that the challenges and the healing don’t end as soon as the patient leaves the hospital, the information found on our website and social media extends to the patient’s comfort during the often longer period  of in-home recovery and rehabilitation.        +972(0)58.574.7880     US  202.621.0375          ©2019 by Gift it Well